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Tango Relationship Initiative exists to identify and connect with others who are passionate about helping people experience healthy and growing lives and relationships. We think of these people as “Champions.”


Champion can be an author, a content creator, a blogger, a therapist,  a mentor,  a business leader, a religious institution or a nonprofit organization.  All Champions have one thing in common—they have a passion to help people experience healthy and thriving  lives and relationships.


Tango Relationship Initiative was initiated by Scott and Theresa Beck. Scott is a serial entrepreneur and business leader. Alongside his business ventures Scott and Theresa have also invested in a more personal shared passion—to help people have healthy, growing and loving relationships. Over the years Scott recognized the power of Champions to create and distribute content and provide services that enhanced healthy relationships. But he noticed something else—there was  a great supply of resources and a great demand for help but a big disconnect between the two.  He wanted to find out why this was true along with a solution to this problem.



The Listening Tour

In 2010 Scott initiated a nation-wide listening tour. The purpose of this tour was to listen, learn, and communicate appreciation to the thousands of people around the nation who are contributing to healthy lives and relationships. We invited Champions to join us for a 20-minute phone or personal interview. We listened as they told their stories. We learned about their challenges. And we celebrated with them as we heard about the meaningful contributions they had made by investing their lives in others. Within the first year our team of “listeners” conducted over 1,300 interviews and to date we have completed nearly 2,000 interviews.


Our research continues

Liz Swanson is the Project Director for Tango Relationship Initiative. Liz taught at Colorado State University, was  a project director for Leadership Network, is an author, and has an intense curiosity making her uniquely qualified for this role.  She continues to identify, listen to, and learn from the stories of Champions  either over the phone or face to face at one of the many conferences or  events she attends. Her most recent focus has been in the  area of  addictions and recovery.


You are welcomed  to contact us at: liz@tangogroup.com